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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to let yall know about something very odd but very cool that happened to me the other day. In friday i was scheduled to get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, to supposedly help with my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Anyway, i was waiting in the lobby when i heard the doctor call out the name “John”, i was startled by the sudden noise and looked up, only to see John Noble(the star of LOTRROTK as Lord Denethor of Gondor and Walter Bishop from Fringe). Due to the nature of the treatment(sitting in a depressurized tank breathing 100% pure oxyge to help build body tissue) I was in there for about 2 hours right across from John Noble and his wife. Usually I’m sceptical of celebrities and assume they are all stuck up assholes but this was not the case, as both he and his wife were quite friendly.Somehow we got to talking about Geo Politics and Lost but i won’t go into to much detail here. Anyways just thought it was cool to meet an actor of that caliber in such a strange(and almost surreal) situation.Have a good day and thanks for reading this far:)

  2. I think I just posted my geek moment:

  3. Hi Guys. Not really a story but a question. Have you ever seen the movie “Primer”? It may be the “techiest” movie ever made. It’s an independent film and,I think, brilliant. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film and the science.

  4. My first real computer was an Apple IIe with 64k of ram and 5.25″ floppy drives. This was in 1981 and I learned to program in assembly language so I could create maps in Dungeons and Dragons. I had large sheets of draft paper and would map rooms on the grid sheet with a pen and count the lines and convert that to drawing code in assembly language. This was on a per room basis and I would then turn the screen to the players and have the rooms numbered on my grid paper. When players entered a room I entered the room number on the keyboard and it would be added to the existing map on the screen. This was all to remove the tedious act of telling players the room size for mapping. I would spend about 5 hours drawing and programming this each week for our game night. I worked hard and was able to show rooms that were not simply cubes connected by straight halls. I could as many strange angles in a room as I cared to code and the players could record the rooms to paper if they wanted but it was not needed as the rooms they had explored were still on screen and the new rooms added as they entered them. All in 64k from a floppy in glowing white lines on screen.

  5. Sometime around 1993 (when NCSA Mosaic was the cool browser to have) I had the idea to replicate the Mac OS desktop on the web. I had to make thousands of little gif images to show each menu and when the person would click on the menu, the screen would reload with what the real Mac screen would look like with that menu dropped down and the item highlighted. I did all of this with plain html using notepad. I got the File and Edit menus totally replicated so you could select an item from the menu and see the window that would normally pop up. Unfortunately, this was way too much for dial up modems and only worked in the lab.


    I thought you guys might enjoy this… I’m something of a font geek, and a total food geek, so I loved it. It’s a game where a name appears, and you have to guess if it’s a cheese or a font. Totally fun, and harder than I thought it would be. I use Macs, and I think most of the fonts were from PC land. Love your show!!!

  7. This ones is nice. Two years ago, after halloween when the costumes went on sale, i went down to my local target and bought one of every plastic fake weapon they had. Took them home and mounted them all on my wall below a sign that reads, “Anti Dragon Defenses.” For the last two years i’ve added to it and now has over 20 different styles of fake weapons. I always feel safe at night.

  8. All my life I have been a geek of some kind or another. Currently I’m a game/computer geek, but in high school I was a band geek. One year the school upgraded it’s marching drums, and needed to get rid of the old ones. Since I had always wanted to learn to play drums, I got permission to get some of them, and built a drum set out of the different drums. The geekyness doesn’t end there though. I wasn’t able to get a bass pedal, so I made one with my erector set. It was a bit flimsy, but worked well. I love the new show. Keep up the good work.

  9. My best geeky thing in life and proudest so far is this. When I was younger my Dad got us a Tandy 1000 HX computer, no hard drive only a 3 1/4 inch disk drive. Once my Dad figured out he was useless with the darn thing it became mine. Since it came with a monochrome green monitor and Dad had picked up a colour monitor as well it was my first dual monitor as such.

    So here is the Geek, my friend would come over and we would play a game called F19 stealth fighter, but with a twist. One of us would sit with the colour monitor in front of them and the joystick to control firing and pilot the airplane, the other would sit behind that person with the green screen and conputer and run all the keyboard commands as if they were the navigator, that person would call out directions, open bomb doors ect… we even took the maps that came with the game and put clear packing tape over them and using erasable markers plot the optimal course for the pilot to look at as a reference. Since this was about stealth one run could take as long as 30 to 45 minutes, total geeky FUN!

  10. My wife and I own 2 cats. The only names we could agree on were Schrödinger, for our tom, and Toshiko for our girl. I gave my wife a tshirt which says “Schrödinger’s cat is dead” on the front, and “Schrödinger’s cat is not dead” on the back, which required explanation, and thus became our only option for a male cat. My wife has also become a scary Doctor Who/Torchwood fangirl, and our female cat has the same sort of slightly twitchy, not quite at ease characteristic as Toshiko Sato – hence the name.

  11. My geekiest experience has to be… my chosen career.

    I started a PhD in English at the University of Alberta in 2003, and I wanted to study science fiction with a particular prof, but he more or less told me that the specific writer/genre I was interested in had been done to death. In the course of that meeting, however, we both discovered that we were enthusiastic comic-book readers. We chatted about comics for a while, and then I went off to think about what other kinds of science fiction or fantasy I might want to write my dissertation on.

    A few days later, talking about this to a woman who would become a very close friend during my degree, she said “Why not do comic books? You both like comics books.” Those two sentences changed my life. I suggested comics to my supervisor and he loved the idea. A year later, a different professor offered a graduate-level course on “graphic novels,” and he eventually became my co-supervisor for my degree. I also discovered that I was far from alone in the academic community. *Lots* of profs study comics. 350 pages of dissertation later, I have a PhD in English.

    I also met my girlfriend at the UofAlberta, and she’s from Vancouver just like me, so now we live there, back on the West Coast, and my life is just the way I want it.

    Thank you, comic books.

  12. Hey guys, love your show-here is my geeky story. when I was in high school-HIGH SCHOOL-I was even more of a trekie than I am today. We did not have a VCR yet, so I would watch repeats of Star Trek in front of the tv with my tape recorder, and record the whole show. As I got more adept, I started editing out the commercials. What makes this extra geeky is that I would then listen to the episodes at night when I went to bed. On an unrelated not I was a virgin until college.

  13. Growing up, my first real video game that had me tethered to the computer was Starcraft. I haven’t played that classic for years, but obviously it left a big impression on me.

    Fast forward a decade or so, and I’m now writing for a small paper at my college. I was assigned to write an article on National Non-Smoking Week. With every article, I need to submit a couple possible headlines to run with the story. I had a couple serious ones that I figured would get in, but for poops and giggles I also gave them ‘Breathe Deep’, the cheat that gives you extra Vespene gas in Starcraft.

    The paper came out today, and to the giggly delight of my inner geek, ‘Breathe Deep!’ was splashed in bold letters on page 2.

    There is no cow!

  14. Hey, thought I would just tell you of my recently geekiness (of last 2 years). To tell you the story I have to tell you a bit of a back story, I play WoW, I managed to get my physics teacher into WoW, and a few of my close friends all play together. It was my Senior prom, the just got done playing “Don’t wanna miss I thing” by of course Aerosmith, then they started playing some dance song, one of the many that all sound alike. When I decided to dance I just looked at all my friends and said, “/dance guys!” and I playing an undead priest started rocking like only the undead can. After a while of them looking at me in an entertained yet embarrassed look they joined in, through the entire song me and my friends danced every horde and a few of the (/sick) alliance dances. These is most likely my favorite memory of High School, love the show, great job, keep on geekin’

  15. Hey guys, something you might want to cover is this audio drama that keeps getting big:

    Listen to like Chapter 8 part 3 to hear what they do. They post every news outlet that they’re on, so it might be a good way to get more listeners both ways-

  16. So I have a few geeky stories, use them as you will

    Story the first, while my wife and I were walking to the concession stand at a hocky game I noticed a Darth Vader, complete with a entourage of troopers. The problem? There were two scout troopers, a storm trooper and a clone trooper. I proceeded to explain to my wife that the clone troop was Clearly out of place and that the scout troopers were even a little weird, though could be explained (a la RoTJ)…she asked me to never explain that again in public.

    Story the second, (though earlier in my life) At the end of the 2000 GenCon, the last one in Milwaukee, my friends and I had made friends with a group who had a booth on the floor (Shards of the Stone RIP [Check out Jason A Engle, great artist]) We helped them breakdown their booth and they invited us to the after party which was located in the Presidential suite. There I met many CEO’s, one of which was the CEO and VP of Wizards of the Coast (it was their room) who poured me my first triple shot of vodka and my first triple shot of tequila (I was also 18 and not much of a drinker…yet) Shortly after they had worked their magic Gary Gygax showed up and I have a vauge recollection of having an awsome 20 min convorsation with him…about what I don’t know, though I remember he gave me a list of books to read that would help with what we were talking about…which I lost…

    PS I am playing Lord of Ultima while I write this, thanks for the heads up@

  17. Don’t know if this counts as “geeky” but it sure is darn cool. Though this might be up Scott’s alley.

  18. The Theremin:

  19. “My Blackberry Is Not Working!”
    A fantastic sketch from the legendary British comedians Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett

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