Current Geek 19: “There is never enough hate for Phantom Menace”

Join Tom and I as we talk about the Definitive Evisceration of The Phantom Menace. “When TPM came out ten years ago, its utter crappiness shocked me to the core and wounded a entire generation of geeks. My inner child had been abused and betrayed. I moped around, talking to no one, for almost two weeks. I couldn’t bring myself to see #2 or #3, whatever they were called. Now, a decade later, comes Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review, the ultimate, seven-part, seventy minute analysis of this mother of all train wrecks. Not only does it nail how the film blows, but tells us why. Time, apparently, does not heal all wounds.” Here’s the video, starting with the first installment.

And, we get a great reader submission from an eight year old lizard expert. Nice work, James!

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~ by Scott on January 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Current Geek 19: “There is never enough hate for Phantom Menace””

  1. Could somebody post a link to that “Boiling Point” thing? Sounded kinda interesting.

  2. yes…Boiling Point link. Post it.

  3. Here you go:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist

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