Current Geek 15: “My space ship is way more round than yours…”

Join Tom and I as we talk about a Gizmodo article with some predictions on what future space battles will be like. The author brings up several theories on propulsion (and orbits), weapons (explosives, kinetic and laser), and design. Sounds like the ideal shape for spaceships will be spherical, like the one in the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie.

And, we get a great reader submission about R2D2 holograms. 🙂

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~ by Scott on December 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Current Geek 15: “My space ship is way more round than yours…””

  1. Gyroscopes? makes sense – so much so, that perhaps the opening scene in the Lost In Space remake may not be such a guilty pleasure anymore. Merry Gyros, guys !

  2. We were listening to this episode in the car on the way to a Festivus dinner, and when you asked about the best shape for a ship, I paused the mp3 device and yelled “ROUND.” I then hit play, you called it round, and my wife hit me.

    This happens a lot.

    But something occurred to me that you partly addressed in the episode: Round ships would be the most effective form factor to deal with interplanetary gravitation, sure. But directed-energy weapons, like lasers, would also be subject to the same gravitational forces, no? I mean, doesn’t a planet’s gravity also bend light? If so, most any directed-energy weapons would be about as accurate as a blunderbuss.

    That’s why the BSG move of firing solid projectiles that tear through metal and disrupt systems seems like a much better option. Lasers and phasers definitely look cool, but if one were making a scientifically accurate film and an X-Wing fighter shot off some lasers above Hoth, it would seem the lasers would bend with the atmosphere and just not stay on target.

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