Current Geek 13: “My Blue Dude is a little rusty”

Join Tom and I as we talk about what Professor Paul Frommer now describes as a “fateful e-mail.”

The linguistics expert from the University of Southern California is the brains behind the language used by James Cameron’s 10-foot-tall alien tribe in the much-anticipated science fiction epic, Avatar. The language has 1,000 words and Frommer can’t even speak it fluently although he is the only one who knows the grammar. HE had to teach it to the actors just enough so they could read their lines. He hopes one day it will rank next to Klingon.

We also hear about an ILM dream from a listener.

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~ by Scott on December 21, 2009.

One Response to “Current Geek 13: “My Blue Dude is a little rusty””

  1. Thanks, guys, for reading my email on the show today! My 50th birthday is in a couple of days, and hearing my submission was a great gift for this week! You are right, I have a great job as a technology teacher, doing what I love. I also own a small videography business and own some computer animation software. Someday intend to experiment with 2D and 3D computer animation. Love the show, guys, and thanks again!

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